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Michael Pengelly
  • Michael is a local fisherman, he is Polperro born and bred

  • Mike is the chairman of PHT

Debbie Blackmore
  • Trustee since November 2019

  • Trust Finance Clerk since July  1998

  • Born and bred in to a Polperro fishing family, Grandfather was harbour master, Father is President of the PHT and brother is a trawler skipper and owner

  • Communications Systems Analyst with the RAF for 13 years

  • Administration Manager of Polperro Heritage Museum

Elizabeth 1.jpg
Liz Buckley
  • Trustee since November 2019

  • Originally from Looe, a resident of Polperro for 50 years and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else

  • 3 years as councillor on Lansallos Parish/Polperro Community Council

  • Experience in banking, TV, care management

  • Previously owned a snack bar/cafe

Ed Gilbert
  • Ed has lived on the harbour with his family for over 30 years and his children have grown up on the harbour and attend the local school.

  • He is the Assistant Headteacher of the local secondary school,  and is dedicated to improving the outcomes for all young people in the community.

Ollie Puckey
  • Ollie is a born and bred local boy. He went to the local school and, as so many do, moved away to in order to join the Merchant Navy after finishing his education. He returned to Polperro several years ago and was elected to function as the current Harbour Master in 2013.

Peter Hickey
  • Peters family have lived in Polperro for many generations

  • Peter is the vice -chair of PHT

Courtesy of Peggy Watson
Michael Taylor
  • Michael lives in Talland bay and has supported the harbour as a Trustee for may years

Mike Berry
  • Mike is a  born and bred Polperro boy and owns Maggie an old Polperro Lugger, moored in the harbour next to the Smugglers Museum

Caroline Steadman
  • Caroline is our harbour clerk and runs the famous Blue Peter Inn, position on the harbour side.

Courtesy of Victoria Moreau
Bee Cummins
  • Bee is a local businesswoman and is an active member of the local community 

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